Toilet Training Update

10 years ago
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Peanut is very excited about her new "underwear". I
purchased some training pants today to test them out. I was going to
put them on after her nap, but she was insistent that she wanted to
wear "underwear" right then, so I gave in. We went to the toilet (she
didn't do anything, but I'm persisting with the routine) and I put them
on and explained to her that if she has to go, she should tell me and
we'd go together. She said no. When I asked if she'd tell Daddy, she
said yes.

really don't know why she doesn't want to tell me! We have fun together
once she's on the toilet. She loves it when I read her book. She really
enjoys"Too Big for Diapers" (a Sesame Street book with Ernie, see my blog) right now. She asks me to sit on the floor in front of her. Sometimes
she will even pee. But, she does not tell me when she has to go. She
consistently will pee and poop with H... It's so frustrating!

to the subject at hand. When she woke up from her nap, she called me by
saying "underwear!". I came up and asked her if she wanted to go to the
toilet. The answer of course, was no. We went anyway and she had peed
in the training pants. She did seem to know that she had done so. I
will try again tomorrow. Perhaps after a full day in the trainers I
might get a different result. I am hoping that she begins to tell me
when she has to go. She obviously knows... I wish I knew the reason why
she doesn't want to go with me.

Finally, I'd like to add a brief rant. I know that there are anatomical differences between boys and girls that might (and I am unconvinced on this point) justify the desire for additional absorbency in one area or another of a training pant. But for crying out loud WHY do we have to gender stereotype two year olds?
Basically, boys and girls diapers are pretty much the same and very
gender neutral all the way up until you get to training pants. Why is
this? I do NOT want Disney Princess underwear for my daughter. I also
don't particularly
want her to have to choose between Dora and Diego. Why not just make
gender neutral trainers? Why do companies assume that at this age my daughter
will want princesses and my son will want cars (not that I have a son,
but you see my point)? I have officially switched brands because of
these practices make me sick. The problem is that my grocery store does
not even SELL non-gendered trainers. I'm on the lookout. If anyone has
a recommendation, please let me know.

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