My 2014 Book of the Year is Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body

4 years ago
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Granted that we are not even two weeks into the beginning of 2014, but I know without a doubt this book will remain my favorite of the year – at least in the women’s health category.

Why is Girl to Girl my favorite book??

I have read many books over the years that seek to educate young teens or tweens about their changing body.  Some are rather cutsy woots and don’t provide the needed facts or right tone, others are way to droll and would probably not get read beyond the first chapter.   This book, however, includes topics that girls really want to know about and it does it in a fun and reassuring way.  Along with that, there are illustrations, easy to use charts and information that will address even the most sensitive questions.  

Some of the topics in the book include:  Finding the right bra, how to handle your period, creating healthy habits, and pierced ears and nail care. 

How do I know that Girl to Girl is great?

My first thought is to say: DUH – remember me, the women’s health expert!  While I don’t usually say DUH (in fact can’t remember when I ever did), it seems like the suitable way to emphasize that over the years I have answered thousands of questions from teens about their body and all the angst that is associated with adolescence.   When I see a book that addresses these issues in way that girls can connect with I want to share the news.  Along with me, there are other medical and health experts who endorse the book. will always be my online go-to place I recommend for teens.  It is a fabulous bastion of information and offerings about period products.  Tampax and Always do a great job providing research based period-related information in a way that is practical and fun.  Along with that, there are freebies available for the asking and all kinds of helpful tips on relationships, style and life in general. 

What sets Girl to Girl apart for me is that it is an actual book that can be read, saved and referenced anytime, anywhere and anyplace.   Also, I really like the way that the author, Sarah O’Leary Burningham becomes the big sister, the best friend and the knowledgeable, trusted expert all rolled into one.  It is obvious that she understands the trials and tribulations that teens today experience and knows how to relate.  

Girl to Girl Disclosure!

I am quoted in the book.  Yep, ElaineR.N. is one of the sources of information used in the book.  You can find my nurse wisdom in the chapter focused on menstruation and product use.  Before you roll your eyes and say that is why I like the book – know that I have been quoted in books before.  This book is special in the way that it connects with girls and serves as a spirited guide through challenging times. 

I have purchased the book for my own granddaughters for future use.  In fact, I got them each their own copy.  They are only seven, but by the time they are nine they will be ready for the information.  And, this is the book I want them to have.  Note that they will have ongoing talks with their mom and dad (maybe).  Of course I will be there also.  Depending on how my daughter remembers her own interaction with me during puberty will depend on how much of a role I will have with them!!   By the way, she too liked the book and trusted my judgment on it being a good one for the tweens-to-be.  

Sarah O’Leary Burningham is the Author

I got to know Sarah after she first approached Tampax and Always to ask some period and product related questions.   They asked me to speak with her.  Through our interaction, I got to know Sarah and appreciated that, while she knew a lot about the topic, she wanted to ensure she was accurate and could provide the best guidance to her readers about periods and safe product use.  (It was a pleasure Sarah!)

About Sarah:  “She is the author of How to Raise Your Parents and Boyology.  She has been interviewed about tween and teen issues by numerous national media and news outlets, including the Today Show, ABC News, CBS News, NPR, Newsweek, Teen Vogue, the Los Angeles Times, Oprah Radio, among others.  She wrote an advice column for the ABC Family Network and speaks about teen issues at schools, libraries, parent groups and book clubs around the country.  With three younger sisters (and a little brother) she has a lot of experience coaching girls through growing up.  Still a teenager at heart, Sarah lives in Queens, New York, with her husband and daughter.” 

Girl to Girl is available now:

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