Girls & their Nails!

9 years ago
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Girls & Nails: 5 Ways to Teach Your Daughter Proper Nail Care

I've worn acrylic nails for almost 15 years. Why? Because when I was a
little girl, I brutalized my own nails. I would suck, bite, knaw and
chomp on them as if they were covered in Lemonhead juice. (You would
have to know how much I loved Lemonheads to know the significance of
that!) In other words, I never let my nails grow to be strong and
healthy. For some reason, I picked up the habit of nail biting and I
couldn't stop. When I reached my teens and getting manicures became
more common for even us common folk, I thought I'd finally figured out
a way to have beautiful nails - I'd just buy some! And that is how it's
been ever since. Although sometimes, I bite the acrylic nails too...I
know, shame on it all.

I see other women with healthy, strong natural nails, the envy bug
definitely nibbles on my nerves a little bit. I want to break out of my
acrylic prison and finally allow my real nails to grow on their own. My
goal is to take these acrylics off this spring for the first time in
over a decade and let my fingers breathe! I am hoping I can conquer
nail biting once and for all. Wish me luck!

Girl's shouldn't
wait until they are adults to recognize the importance of caring for
their nails. More and more young girls are getting acrylic nails these
days because it is so easy to do and maintain. Acrylics are okay for
older girls, but all girls should be aware of the importance of keeping
their own natural nails healthy.

Here are 5 ways you can help teach your little princess how to care for her own nails:

Clean and cut your daughter's fingernails bi-weekly. Trim them by
following the shape of the fingertip. Do this until she reaches the age
of 9 and then start allowing her to try trimming her nails herself
under your direct supervision. Show her step by step the safe way to
trim her nails and talk to her about the importance of keeping her
nails healthy.

2. Get your
daughter her very own manicure set. When you daughter has mastered the
ability to safely trim her own nails why not get her a personalized
manicure set to motivate her to keep it up! Find a set in her favorite
colors, get her initials put on it or let her pick out one on her own.
If you allow your daughter to take ownership of the task and make it
fun, she will be more likely to continue caring for her nails on her

3. Keep a nail brush handy in the bathroom and show
your daughter how to use it. Washing our hands is important, but there
are germs and bacteria that can live under our nails as well. Show your
daughter how to use the nail brush to keep her nails clean and healthy.

Caring for our toenails is also important. Make sure you daughter's
shoes fit properly and that her toenails are trimmed and cleaned
regularly. Set aside time with your daughter to care for her nails -
pick out fun nail colors or use stickers to make it fun. "Nails Night"
could be a weekly mother/daughter activity, so that it doesn't feel
like a chore, but something your daughter will look forward too.

If your daughter is a nail biter like I was, take a pro-active approach
to the problem before it becomes a lifelong habit. Find products that
you can put on her nails to discourage her from biting. Most
importantly, nail biting could be a sign of stress or worry, talk to
your daughter and find out what's on her mind. Addressing the
underlying issue that may be causing her to bite, could alleviate the
problem altogether. Whatever you do, do not dismiss it as just a
"habit". Acknowledge the problem and find a solution.

the spa services we provide at Petite Priss are for entertainment
purposes only and our mini-manicures and pedicures are all in fun and
celebration for our little princess customers, our goal is to still
inspire young girls and ladies to consider proper nail care, skin care
and hair care now because what they learn now and what they practice
now in terms of taking pride in who they are is directly related to who
they will be as women. It's not about vanity, it's about recognizing
good health is both inward and outward. It is all connected. Teaching
our girls how to care for their nails, skin and hair in small ways
today, can make a positive impact on their overall confidence and will
lay the foundation for healthy nails, skin and hair when they are

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