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10 years ago

There's really nothing else like kissing. In the grand menu of love, it's the appetizer, served with the main course, and definitely part of desert. Kisses can be quick and sweet, or long and passionate. Soft or heavy. With teeth or without.

Once, back in the day, a guy I was with dropped his cigarette while we were kissing he was so caught up. It was really romantic at the time, I swear.

Oh, it's just bliss, the kiss. Or scientifically healthy, depending on who you ask.

Shoba Narayan has a great piece on about The science of kissing: don’t need kissing for the survival of the species. Not technically anyway. People use other parts of their anatomy for that. A kiss is delicious and pleasurable, yes, but what purpose does it serve in the evolutionary sense?

Stress relief and mate selection are all part of the mix.

Jennyjennjen lists 'em out, The Top 10 Health Benefits of Kissing... It's all endorphins and calorie burning and longer life.

Oh, silly science. I want to hear about the butterflies!

Jac at And this is my life... has some butterflies for me in her post And then he kissed me...

I know a while back I thought I was done telling the "how it started" stuff, but then I realized I was wrong! I never told the "first kiss" story. This, again, is one of those- I remember everything- stories, so sit back, relax, and enjoy as I get myself in trouble with my parents.
(I hope I am kidding, but we were alone in his truck, which was "NOT ALLOWED")

It was April 5th, 2003, the day before my 17th birthday. Russ and I had been dating for 10 days at this point and had not kissed.

Could you die from the sweetness???

Natalie from Our Happy Havoc also shares a first kiss story when she says Happy Birthday Hubby!

But then it was getting near graduation for him and I found out his family was moving to Michigan. I had this amazing dream one night that I kissed him and it was just the best kiss ever so I told myself I wasn't gonna let him get away without a kiss. He was moving anyway, right? What did I have to lose? At a graduation party for one of his friends, I told him about the dream and he looked a little intrigued...

And how about great kiss story from a single blogger?  CharmCity J from Charm City Courting can only ...sigh:

So he walked me back to my car. I had parked on the roof of the garage. He hugged me goodnight…and then he kissed me. Sigh….it was a great kiss. A kiss I can not even describe. It left me weak in the knees. I won’t get into the details of the kiss…but at one point he actually lifted me up and my feet were dangling and…yeah, it was a good kiss.

And I *didn't* even quote the best part! There's more, so go check it out! She's definitely got me sighing.

How about you? Any good kissing lately? Share with the single girl. :)


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