Friends and Foes in The Twitter Universe

9 years ago
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By Janette Leon-Speyer

I have now been an active Twitterer for over 2 years with over 850
followers that is growing daily. Twitter has been a very interesting
social and business experience. I find myself using Twitter for
everything from casual conversation, business contacts, researching
links, posting jobs and fielding questions. As I explore micro-blogging, I have discovered a few likes and dislikes
that I want to share with my readers. Here are some of my comments
about “TweetFriends” and TweetFoes.


  1. Sharing Informational Links: Twitter is a sharing tool so I always appreciate good informational links. Some examples are: @guykawasaki, @MariSmith, @ShriNagesh and @MarciDesign.
  2. Customer Service: This is definitely the place to take care of your customers on a more personal level. Check out: @JetBlue, @WholeFoods and of course Lucia, from @pandora_radio.
  3. Interacting with the Community: This is a social tool and socializing is one of the objectives in using Twitter. Here are some community builder examples: @Burnsie_SEO, @jim_turner and again @MariSmith.

I will not be negative, so I will not mention names here. I only promote
good constructive information. Some of my pet Twitter pees are:

  1. Tweeters who follow you to build up their profile and then un-follow you once
    you choose to follow them is not an honest Twitterer.
  2. Tweeters who don’t post or give a bio. Why have a profile then? Who are you? It should be a sharing give and take.
  3. Tweeters who spam. Using popular people’s profiles names by adding a hyphen at
    the end to create a new profile and then “stealing” their followers.

I do not have enough room in this article to stress Twitter's immense potential. So for now log in and talk to me @websuccess — I like to communicate with you and to get your feedback.

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