Dwelling on Dwell

10 years ago
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Note: Cross posted at Dwell on These Things.

I love Sundays. Not because I get to
sleep in (with kids? Ha!) Not because I get to go out for brunch
(again, with kids? Ha!) I love them for the sermons.

No, I'm not a regular churchgoer (the "raised Unitarian, converted
to Anglicanism in high school (not so sure about that decision although
I picked up a wonderful godmother in the process), played around in the
pool of agnosticism, married by Unitarians for the sake of old times,
switched over to United Church because I liked the idea that "God's got
my back" (and my kids' backs) when I was dealing with PPD et al but did
not like the threatened schism in the Anglican church over gay marriage
(love is love, people. Love is love,) switched back to a hybrid
agnosticism/liberal Christianity (think Anne Lamott) with a soupçon of
Buddhism (I once took a class at the Learning Annex before heading to
Thailand dontcha know), taking a slight detour to better access God/The
Universe/The Player to be Named Later using a combination of Eat, Pray,
Love and The Secret" (take deep breath) smörgåsbord approach to
religion tends not to be practiced in beautiful stone buildings with
lots of stained glass. But I do consider myself a spiritual person (I decided to blog my spiritual journey here because Blogher seems to have a bit of a gap in this area) and often
find myself missing that weekly injection of spiritual revival.

But now, thanks to the power of Google Alerts, I am able to belly up
to the spiritual buffet and fill my soul. The title of my main blog, Dwell
on These Things
, comes from Philippians 4:8, and was used so regularly
during the Anglican services I attended in high school, I committed it
to memory: "whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is
right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good
repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise,
dwell on these things." I have always loved this passage but it was
listening to The Secret that made me realize that this passage was the
key to a joy-filled life. And so I chose it as the name of my new blog
(so much more blissful than my old mommy blog name, MUBAR, a riff on
FUBAR which most people know as a military term but, what with me being
Canadian and all, I know as a movie
about guys who swear a lot (the F word is used 274 times and it's not a
particularly long film.) And I set up google alerts for "Dwell on these
things" so that I'd get an email anytime anyone wrote the phrase "dwell
on these things" on the web because even though much (much) more content now, old paranoias habits die hard.


Well, what a blessing that's turned out to be. As it turns out, a
lot of people use the "Dwell on these things" passage in sermons and
other spiritual talks given on Saturdays and Sundays. And by Sunday
night, I've been emailed copies of what they've said. And most of the
time, what they have to say is pretty great (had I picked a passage
from a religious text that read "we're right and you're wrong and
[insert your name for god here] loves us more than you so nya nya" I
might not have been as impressed with the people quoting it.)

I know that my godmother prays for my spiritual wellbeing. And while
I doubt she specifically referenced "Google Alerts" in her prayers,
somehow I'm thinking that the message got through.

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