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This morning, seeing as this is the first weekday of non-Daylight Savings Time, I was going to exercise.

I even went to bed at 6:30, leaving T out in the living room, making his lesson plans for the week as I went to bed in my footie pajamas, working on a Christmas picture I'm making before snoozing with my VibesUp eyemask (VibesUp stuff is awesome, let me just say.)


This morning I woke up several times long before my alarm was anywhere near sounding. But my legs were sore from resuming my workouts this weekend after about a month and a half of sedentaryish life. So I slept in.

Finally I awoke about three minutes before my alarm would have sounded, which can sometimes be annoying, but was delicious this morning. I felt as if I'd slept in. Oh, wait, I did. Thanks, Daylight Savings Time.

Sorry, workout.

Then I put on a pot of quinoa in our rice cooker (best wedding gift ever - after a year of nearly daily use, still amazing,) intending to make T some rice-free quinoa veggie sushi for lunch. That one went better, as you can see.

I was GOING to post a tutorial on how to do this on my blog today, but that obviously didn't happen.

Sorry, recipe post.

Then I recorded a vlog on original sin and how we're nearing enlightenment as a species. I also showed off the new book, which the first copies of arrived late last week. I was then going to post said vlog, but apparently someone has been trying to hack my gmail account so I can't sign into it or into my youtube account until I type in a code they're sending to my cell phone. There isn't any cell phone service in this county.


Sorry, vlog.

After I'd recorded my vlog I went for a walk in the beautiful orchard behind our house. I had my walking staff in hand, and was finally brave enough to go walking alone this morning after saying to myself I'd do it for weeks.

There is a particular spot I want to go meditate in. It has amazing energy, and I'd been looking forward to this all morning.

I was feeling very proud of myself for taking the initiative and going into the orchard (which has lots of wild animals coming through it on a regular basis.) I walked beneath gnarled old apple trees and through briar-crossed paths.

Then, when my meditation spot was in sight, there was a big pile of bear scat in front of me.

That means bear poo.

Knowing next to nothing about judging how old bear poo is, I stood very still, listening for any lumbering footsteps. I tend to consciously walk very loudly myself these days in the woods for just this reason - I don't want to come unnoticed upon a wild animal who would rather be alone.

And true, (warning, this is going to be gross,) there were flies buzzing around the pile and ants crawling on it, so I knew it couldn't have been completely fresh...

And it's also true that I had no clue which direction the bear had been moving when he or she stopped to pop a squat, so feeling skeevy about going forward was completely arbitrary...

...but I still wanted to know how fresh it was...

So shielding any direct contact with leaves, I felt the pile (I know, gross,) to see if it was warm.

It was.

So I skedaddled out of there directly, obviously, and went back home, sending a little heart wave of "my bad" to my meditation spot.

Sorry, meditation spot.

I asked one of T's students who is all nature and hunting savvy if that had actually been bear poo.

It was.

Me and Winnie should have separate living spaces for a while longer, methinks, before we hang out in the apple orchard.

I'll take a day of almosts. Maybe that means that tomorrow will be a breeze...?

Maybe not.

Oh well, what are you gonna do?

Happy Monday :)

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