5 Best Trade Show Giveaways

4 years ago

If you work in any industry, it likely has a trade show or five. Trade shows are as bountiful as the markets they represent so standing out amongst a sea of competitors is always a concern. How then, does a business present themselves and secure an unforgettable impression on their market after the doors close? Whatever your budget, options abound for giveaways that your business can be proud of and your clients will appreciate.

5 Best Trade Show Giveaways

1. Tote Bag

Whether they are picking up groceries or lugging books, every one has a use for a tote bag. A tote bag is a great, inexpensive way to way to promote your brand. Be willing to spend a few extra dollars up front though- a slightly better made tote will reflect in a more positive manner on potential customers. You can make the bags a full color. Consider neon as your tote color for the summer and brighten up a dull winter outfit!

2. Entertainment

An often overlooked give away is giving away an experience. When done right, providing an experience at the show can create buzz and people will talk about it long after the show. When deciding what type of entertainment to provide, keep your customer in mind.

Your money will be better spent by considering what will attract the people you are targeting. This experience can also provide a great way to collaborate with an up and coming artist, which can be beneficial to both. You are promoting your brand while introducing the “next big thing!”

3. USB Drive

With everything going digital, we can all easily find uses for USB drives. It has become very easy to buy them in bulk for an individual to use as a promotional item. Pick a size that is large enough to store a good amount of information and a shape that will easily hold a print of your company’s logo. Adding fun, bright colors will help an individual easily locate the USB drive in their bag and make your logo pop!

4. Raffle

The cost of monitors has dropped to the point that it’s more economical to stop by a local retailer, purchase a monitor and carry it in to the show yourself rather than pay for shipping and delivery to and from your show. Advertising ahead of time will help bring in some initial interest. To further save on costs, make the raffle prizes “must be present to win.” This will encourage a return trip to your booth, which will give you a second chance to establish a relationship.

5. Food

There are many affordable candies and treats that will draw people to your booth. A number of snack manufacturers now offer marketers the option to print anything they need on the packaging. In the case of Jelly Belly and M&M’s you can actually print your message on the food itself. It’s incredibly popular, and not just at trade shows. Parents have started making it a part of special family events. At trade shows, it is a guarantee people will get hungry at some point. Why not start a new relationship by offering a little sweet snack?


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