Stuffing the Stocking of Your Shutterbug

7 years ago

How do you buy a gift for the photographer on your list if you don't know a Holga from a hole in the ground? Nothing says you have to stuff your shutterbugs stocking with film or lenses. Why not take a more tongue in cheek approach with a camera that does not take a single picture but gets you clean in the bath or makes for a yummy snack.

Pretty Prints

Photographer Girl Print by Kar Kar Style - Be sure to check out the rest of this shop for more prints, plush doll patterns and paper camera printables.

Click Start My Heart by Boopsie Daisy - If the photographer in your life likes things kitschy, a print by Boopsie is the gift route to go.

Camera Girl Print on Wood by Petit Collage - As seen on MARTHA, Design Sponge and decor8.  How can all those tastemakers be wrong?

About a Girl by Belafontesbunsa - This lovely chick going click comes all the way from Australia.

Stocking Stuffers

Mini Cotton Candy Soap Set by Lovelee Soaps - You can break a sweat taking pretty pictures, a photographer will love to clean up with these fun camera shaped soaps.

USB Film Rolls by Photojojo - I like the irony of having digital photos on a USB made from an actual film canister.

Blown Glass Brownie Camera Ornament by Sundance - These appear to be a bit hard to find, but worth the hunt.

Camera Cookie Gift Box by Manjar - Snowmen and Santa sugar cookies are so over done.  Send someone a camera cookiegram instead.

Camera Crafts

Vintage Cameras Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Kitschy Digitals - If the photographer in your life enjoys taking their photos one step further.

Japanese Camera and Film Washi Tape by Cute Tape - Why hang your photos on the fridge with a magnet when you could use washi tape adorned with fuchsia cameras.

Cats with Cameras by Papersparrow - Perhaps you could sew your shutterbug a camera bag or strap with the adorable kitty fabric.

Antique Teal Blue Rub-Ons by Hambly Screenprints - For the photographer that goes the traditional scrapbooking route.

Camera Accessories

Tiny Camera Love Silhouette Stud Earrings in Silver by A.N. Original Jewelry More camera styles are available on the website.  Necklaces too.

Pictured in Paris Ring by Modcloth There are so many camera rings out there I thought the Parisian treatment was a nice change.

WET NOR'EASTER - Camera Lens Bracelet by Focal Length Designs - These bracelets may cost you a pretty penny, but they are still cheaper than buying the actual lens.

Camera Necklace by Punky Pins - Perhaps this acrylic cutie would be a good gift for the Tween photographer on your list.

Jr. Photags

Personalized Wooden Toy Camera by Little Sapling Toys - The best selling toy shop on Etsy.  Lots of great Montessori style gifts.

Vintage Camera Onesie by Cuddlestar - The cutest camera onesie on Etsy and believe me there are a lot of them.

Vintage Fisher Price Movie Camera by Turtle Hill Shop - As someone in their 30's who collects vintage Fisher Price toys I can promise you photographers of all ages will enjoy this gift.

Kid Tough See Yourself Camera by Fisher Price - The aspiring photographer can take actual pictures with this toddler proof camera.

Paper Cameras

Retro Camera Bunting by Pretty Star Designs - The recipient of this gift can celebrate their love of photography all year long.

10 Girls with Cameras Sticker Pack by Mel Stringer - When you buy the gift of stickers you are helping the artist buy herself the gift of a movie camera.  The whole story of selling these stickers to raise money is in her Etsy store.

Printable Box Cameras by Mel Stringer - Not only does Mel make printables for paper box cameras, she also has a line of Polaroids.  Printables make the perfect last minute gift.

Colorful Retro Camera Greeting Cards by Amy Walters - Last but not least your favorite photag is going to need some spiffy new note cards to write thank you notes on for all these cool gifts.

Shopping for a shutterbug is not near as daunting as it first seemed. It was actually kind of fun. Whether you are shopping for a professional or someone who's version of photography is their iPhone the iconic image of a classic camera in any format toy to tape is always a great gift.

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