Overhaul Your Ceiling Fan for Less Than $10

3 years ago
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Oh my gosh, we seriously cannot believe how great this Before and After turned out. One of our biggest goals for this year is to spiffy up items we already have. This is a great way to personalize an out-of-date home fan without purchasing a new one.

It rocks our world that just $8 worth of product purchases can give an outdated fan a whole new life. Read on, readers, for the photo recap and some great pointers to tackle this easy DIY project.

So here she is, in all her hideousness, hangin' out on OUR ceiling everyday. Ugh, I loathe the sight of that horribly out-of-date white fan! But I'm not really up for dishing out $100 for a new one. The quick fix? Paint that sucka!

I enlisted the help of one ... hot ... hubby! He turned off the electricity (via our panel box) and took that fugalicious fan down and said it was mine, all mine!

I'm pretty sure he was scared of what color I'd paint it, but once I told him I was opting for a brown/black combo, he was a happy gent!

Yep, that would be dust bunnies all over the place. Am I embarrassed? You betcha! But will I still share the pic anyway? Obviously we keep it real with our readers right here at Casa Cullen!

CAUTION: Blade removal in progress!

120-grit will do the job nicely...

... when you're strippin' those blades of dust, grime and old paint.

Our favorite primer ever ... and we even had an almost full can laying around = cha-ching!

Prime the blades and fan ...

And my choice of paint colors per a last-minute trip to Home Depot.

Hubby, who said at first, "This is your project," was seriously all over this. He painted them like a champ, and I can pretty much say, this ended up being his project.

I like it already!

Brown blades!

Oh my gosh!!! Freakin' awesomeness has found its way onto our ceiling, and I'm in fan love!

We missed a small spot with the spray paint, so hubby opted for a quick Sharpie fix. Shhh, it's our little secret!

Tah-dah! We love the after and are very pleased!

Sometimes you just have to take a seat (or back up) and enjoy your creation (via a captured photo!)

Cost Breakdown of Ceiling Fan Redesign:

Fan - Already owned

Primer - Already owned

120 Grit Sand Paper - Already owned

Black and Brown Spray Paint - $8.98

Total Cost of Redesigned DIY Ceiling Fan - $8.98

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