First Day of Culinary Fondation II by Charly

8 years ago
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So Today was our first day in Foundations II, and man were we a whole lot of people short. So class started at 0930, We get in and line up, I had already texted Vickie bright and early due to me signing on to our school portal and viewing the syllabi which stated that we were going to blanch veal bones, and have a Cutting test and a French vocabulary quiz. I was WTF, lol, I mean no heads up or nothing. So anyways we lining up and realizing that half the class was missing. Our new Chef, looks pretty young, he was assisting the Master Chef in foundations I, so we had seen him before. He looks over our uniform very thoroughly, he was actually pickier than the Master Chef, he looked at our nails, made sure we had our Hair nets on, he’s big on uniform, and that you’re uniform should be pressed as well as your apron and cleaned. Again, he states that his big on Attendance. Being we will only be with him for 6weeks, that he expects everyone to be in class everyday. So we get into class, he writes our day one which looked like this:

Day 1

0930- Line up

0945- Class Introduction

·    Kitchen tour

·    Station set up

·    Professionalism

10:30- Veal bones in oven for browning

10:45- Setup for Knife skills exam

11:00 begin knife skills exam

11:30- End knife skills exam & Clean up

12:00 French Vocabulary Quiz (Remove Bones from oven and fill with water)

12:50- Debrief & Go Home


So that was our time line.. lol.. First day and we have a knife skills test and a French Vocabulary test. Mind you I don’t know a lick of French, well I know the bad stuff, lol, but to know what everything you cook meaning in French is something totally different.


O.k. after he finished his introduction we toured the kitchen, then he broke us up into teams. I and Vickie are on the same team. We had to start our Brown stock which consists of:

Brown Stock


INGREDIENTS                      Mirepoix

10-12lbs of bone              500grams of onions

10-12qt of water              250grams of celery

1 sachet                         250 carrots

1lb of tomatoes paste



·         Cut the bones & rinse the bones in cold water.

·         Place the bones in a roasting pan in a hot oven(400f) and brown well

·         Remove bones from pan, place the bones in the stock pot and cover with cold water, bring to a boil reduce heat & simmer. Skim the scum.

·         Drain & reserve the fat in the roasting pan deglaze the pan W/water &add to stock pot. Toss Mirepoix with some of fat and in the oven,

·         Add the Tomato, mirepoix & sachet ingredients to stockpot cont to simmer for 6-8h skim and add water to cover the bones as needed.

·         Strain through a china cap lined with coffee filter.

·         Cool the stock, vented, in a cold water bath, and refrigerate.



So our group has seven people however cause our group is freaking awesome that two

more decided to join in.  we have two guys in our team, which came into play very good

with them washing the bones  so basically doing the dirty work. lol.. We women started our Mirepoix, which was the onion and celery and carrots cut into big pieces, and then oiled it. Then we got some cheese cloth and string, added a bay leaf, some thyme, peppercorn, cloves and parsley into, with the whole peppercorns, I smashed it with my mallet, and poured the shells into the cheese clothe. We wrapped it and added the string and whola we have us a huge teabag lol, sachet. The guys placed the bones and the veggies in the oven and set the timer, then on to the cutting test. We had to cut julliene, battonet,  tourne large, med and small dice. We knock that out then we get the Vocabulary test.


The words were:

Cussion, Blanchir, Bouquet Garni, braiser au brun, Tourner, Jus, Ciseler, Concasser, Emonder, Garniture, Liason, Napper, Braiser au blanc, Escoffier, Careme, Buerre, Depouillage, Ratatouille,Singer, Bain Marie, Remoullage, Degraisser, Mise en place, Buerre Manie and Roux.


Man, now some of the words I knew and some I heard the Master Chef say, but listen I did not think that on my first day of class I would have a test on it. Anyway we knock that out then had to add tomato paste to the veal bones and the the guys placed that back into the oven, then we started to break down the kitchen, cleaning it, and then we were dismissed.


Here’s what tomorrow will look like:


Day 2

0930- Line up

0945- Lecture Review on Stocks & Equipment

10:15- Student production (individual except for veal stock)

·    Fish Stock

·    Chicken Stock

·    Strain veal stock-group

·    White veal stock-group

12:15 Clean up

12:50- Debrief & Go Home


So we will finish our Veal stock as a group but then we are on our own as individual for our fish and chicken stock. Finally Our Own

So over all the day was swell, a lot of people must have failed Foundations I cause the class was empty or dropped out. Which is like to me either this is what you wanted to do or it wasn’t, if it wasn’t then be gone, and let someone else take that slot.Well I’m off to read what all I need to do and have for tomorrow’s class, ttyl.


Happy Cooking....

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