Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Finals are Here! The Finals are Here!

A Fantastic Top Three Go For the Mirror Ball Trophy.

I admit I was sad to see Maria go, but it's hard to argue with any of these finalists. And I'm finding it very hard to predict what will happen, don't you think? So let's dig right in! 

1. William and Cheryl

Judge's Pick: The Cha Cha Cha. William seems pretty bound and determined to prove me wrong. I'm so glad I could provide him with this motivation! He did a really nice job. Yes, obviously, he has great hip action, but also a much improved upper body and overall sense of ease about his dancing.

Freestyle: As is often the case with freestyles, in trying to do so much, more flaws make their way in. Some of the lifts seemed to end awkwardly, and I was definitely expecting Len to call it too raunchy. I would not have given this a perfect 10 (not to mention I thought it was too close to what we'd already seen that evening from them). On the plus side: You can't beat his hips and shimmy.

Bottom Line: William had his best night yet. Is it enough to win the trophy? Just maybe.

2. Katherine and Mark

Judge's Pick: Paso Doble. Indeed, a really good job. She has excellent technique and forms such wonderful lines and shapes. from a purely technical point of view she is obviously the best in the competition and has been since week one. 

Freestyle: I don't think Mark served Katherine well on that freestyle choreography at all. It was too fast. Too frenetic. I actually thought she was often slightly behind the beat. And she looked gawky. Her knees weren't straightened on that big overhead lift and spin, for example. And then we heard from the judges. Well. Clearly I'm wrong. She was, according to them, sheer perfection. The judges loved it. Harrumph.

Bottom Line: It would be a big accomplishment if Katherine, coming from the completely obscure world of not even opera, but just classical recording singing, took this whole thing. She has the best technique and skill and musicality. But she is at an advantage still, not being well know and not being a hot male. She just may benefit from William and Donald splitting the hot male vote, though.

3. Donald and Peta

Judge's Pick: Argentine Tango. Donald continues to be strong, surprisingly fluid, graceful, and able to convey emotion. He surprised me the most, and I have a soft spot for him, no doubt. I do not think he is the best technician or dancer, but some part of me is rooting for him anyway.

Image courtesy of ABC

Freestyle: They went for country style a la Drew and Cheryl. That was really fun. And hard. Lots of difficulty and lots of lifts. And he got to display a ton of personality and charisma. Smart smart move.

Bottom Line: So, Donald also could win. He's got that athlete thing going…lots of athletes have won. He's got that surpassing your expectations thing going. He was smart to turn on that all-American country charm…after all the other two aren't from the U.S., right? Does that mean he pulls the patriot vote?

Bottom Line for the Finals

Should be: Katherine wins, then William, then Donald

Will be: ARGH. This is such a tough one. Dare I say Donald wins, then William, then Katherine?

Help me out here: What do YOU think?

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