Celeb Inspiration! Best Hairstyles for Round Faces and Plus Size Women

4 years ago
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We all know that the right haircut can make you look fabulous. But you can’t always rely on your hairdresser to know what works best for your round face. My own hairdresser talked me into a short-on-the-sides style right after I’d gained some weight. It would’ve looked great on me before the weight gain, but with my new round face, my new ‘do made my cheeks look giant.

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It’s bad enough when a too-tight pair of pants makes you look bigger than you really are, but a haircut?

Just like we need to figure out which silhouettes work best with our plus sized bodies, we have to figure out which hairstyles work with our rounder faces. Round faces are about as wide as they are long, so it’s not just plus size women who have round faces. So we may be able to wear hairstyles similar to what our favorite celebrities are wearing, if you're into that sort of thing.


Bangs – Yes or No?

Women can spend months debating whether or not to get bangs. We spend much less time considering job offers and marriage proposals. But there's no need to fear bangs. Some forehead coverage is great for round faces. Whether you go for straight bangs across your forehead or get sideswept wispier bangs, a fringe can frame your features and show your face off to its best advantage.

If you’re really afraid of bangs, think of it this way: Do you want people to look at your forehead or your eyes? Bangs will direct people’s glance to your lovely peepers.

America Ferrara has experimented with a number of bangs styles, looking lovely each time. Look how these bangs focus attention on her gorgeous eyes!

America Ferrara's long sideswept bangs focus attention on her beautiful eyes and smile. (Image: © Lisa O'Connor/ZUMAPRESS.com.)

You can go to the hairdresser in between cuts to have your bangs trimmed -- often for free. Or you can learn to do it yourself -- just use small scissors and cut off a little bit at a time, so you don’t take off too much.


The Bob

A bob that hits you at the jawline frames your face and is extremely flattering. There’s a lot of room for variation with the bob. If your hair is straight, you can go for a sleek look, or get lots of layers for an edgier look. If you have curly hair, the short style reins things in a bit while leaving you some length when you straighten your hair.

Queen Latifah's longish asymmetrical bob is a fantastic example of how gorgeous this style can look on a curvy body!

Queen Latifah's long, layered bob. (Images top-bottom:© Prensa Internacional/ZUMAPRESS.com, © Armando Arorizo/Prensa Internacional/ZUMAPRESS.com.)

Getting your hair cut in a bob means that you won’t be able to pull your hair into a ponytail on hot days, but your hair will be off your neck anyway. And with a bob, your hair will fall into place without much styling, so you won’t need to put your hair up on lazy days.

With a shorter hairstyle like the bob, you’ll need to get your hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks. As soon as your hairstyle starts to lose its shape, make an appointment to get it cut. If you want to go a little longer between cuts, have your hairstylist cut your hair a little above your jawline. Starting with shorter hair will give you more time before it gets too long.


Long and Wavy

Long hair can make your face look narrower by drawing people’s eyes down the length of your hair. But make sure that your long hair has body. If your hair is thick, wearing it long can make your hair look flat – the weight of all that thick hair just pulls it all down, making it look super straight and limp. Experiment to find how long your hair can be before it’s collapses under its own weight, and then get it cut an inch or two shorter than that.

Adele's team is the master of the wavy, sexy long style. Even without an army of stylists and primpers, you can achieve this gorgeous look at home. Tricks of the trade? Hugevelcro rollers.

The stunning Adele shows us the power of the long wavy hairstyle. (Image: © Armando Arorizo/Prensa Internacional/ZUMAPRESS.com.)

Adding waves or curls will give your long hair volume. No need to get an American Hustle-style perm (please!). Just set your hair on the largest rollers you can find to give it some bounce and shape.


The Pixie Cut

Yes, really. The pixie cut is a lot like horizontal stripes -- the common wisdom is that that look bad on plus size women, but the common wisdom is wrong. Pixie cuts aren’t for everyone with a round face, but I’ve seen it work on enough women to make it worth considering. It’s a bold look that’s sure to get attention. With long bangs and a little texture, a pixie can flatter a round face.

Ginnifer Goodwin isn't plus size by any measure, but her adorable round face really shows off the pixie cut. (Image: © face to face/ZUMAPRESS.com.)

With a style this short, you’ll be getting a haircut every 4 weeks to maintain it. But you’ll be saving loads of time by not having to blow dry it, so it balances out.  Among my friends with ultra-short hair, it's also an open secret that with a haircut that focuses all the attention onto your gorgeous features, you're going to want to spend a little more time on makeup--especially around the eyes.


Don’t Forget About Product

So many women have a love/hate relationship with their hairdressers because we can never get our hair to look the way it did when we left the salon. The secret is often “product,” which is so much more than mousse, gel and hairspray. Watch your hairdresser as she styles your hair and ask about any products she uses. Don’t worry – your stylist probably won’t start trying to sell you hundreds of dollars' worth of mysterious potions unless you ask. Besides, the stuff sold in salons may be worth the cost because of thequality and convenience.

Finishing cream can help tame your layers and stop the frizzies. Texturizing cream can add some interest and dimension to your hairstyle, which is especially useful for pixie cuts and bobs. Get your hairdresser’s advice on what to use, or experiment on your own.

Some of our favorite styling products:

Fekkai Luscious Curls Wave Activating Spray, $25
For Adele's waves: Fekkai Luscious Curls Wave Activating Spray, $25

For the sleekest bob, like Queen Latifah's: Aveda Photomollient Styling Foam, $19

kiehl's cream wax for hair
For Ginnifer's adorable pixie cut: Kiehl's Creative Cream Wax, $16

The Power of the Right Hairstyle

Your haircut is a large part of your overall look and style. Just like with clothes, picking the right shape goes a long way towards defining your look and helping you look your best. We hope this post has been helpful (and maybe even inspiring!) for you. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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